Bronze Bell Repairers is the Place to Contact If You Need a Bell Fixed

Everyone has heard bells ringing at some stage in their lives, especially if they live in a religious country. Some people love to hear them, while others find them really irritating. However, what cannot be debated is the fact that bells are complex objects that need repairing every now and then. This is where we, Bronze Bell Repairers come into play.

A Look at Our History

Bronze Bell Repairers is one of the oldest bell hanging repair companies in the United States. It was founded in 1823 by Alfred Bronze, who was fascinated about hanging bells from an early age.

Alfred was originally an innkeeper, but he also worked at a local bakery and forge. It was at the forge where he learnt all about fixing and making bells. In 1823, he decided that he was going to open up his own bell repair shop and he passed all of his knowledge on to his son, Frederick.

Their bell repair shop became a hit and before long they were traveling long distances to repair bells on cathedrals.


Alfred passed away in 1876, passing on the ownership to Frederick. Eventually, Frederick, like his father did, passed his knowledge onto two of his sons, Francis and Frank, and they joined him in the family business. They carried on doing great business all over the country.

In 1981, the old workshop was reconstructed and had a new forge and other important machinery added. Frank was the main owner at the time and when he retired a few years later, Bronze Bell Repairers became a Limited Company and was taken over by another company that had been dealing in repairing bells for many years as well. As a mark of respect for the work that Alfred Bronze did, the new owners decided that they would leave the name as it is.

What Services Do They Offer?

Whatever bell issues you have, you can be certain that Bronze Bell Repairers will be able to have you bell back to normal in no time at all. Below you can see the different services that they offer:

  • Tuning bells
  • Creating new bells
  • Repairing bell frames (steel, iron, timber)
  • Servicing old bells
  • Add new bell rope
  • Sound Record Bells

N.B. If you think that you have an issue with your bell, but you are not sure what it is, get in touch with Bronze Bell Repairers and they will happily send someone out to have a look. You do not even have to worry about a call out fee because they offer free inspections. This is great as there are some companies out there that have a call out fee of $100 or more.

They Provide Nothing but Quality

Bronze Bell Repairers know that their customers deserve nothing but the very best, which is why they will only hire employees who are fully qualified and have years of experience under the belts.

All of their staff members are highly skilled in welding, engineering, joinery, carpentry, bell tuning, blacksmithing, and rope splicing. Furthermore, a number of their employees hold a HGV license which means that they can collect bells and frames that need to be repaired and then bring them back once the job has been completed to a very satisfactory standard. All items that are being delivered to a customer are transported in such a way to ensure that no damage occurs.


They care about their customers, so if there is anything that you are not satisfied with, they will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and come up with a reasonable way to rectify the issue at hand. At the end of the day, the only thing that they care about is that their customers are always 100 percent satisfied.

Their Reviews Are Proof of Their Excellent Service

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, it is close to impossible for any company to hide any of their wrongdoings. If a company does not do enough to satisfy a customer, then they will end up with a bad review that could put a dent in future business.

However, when you check out the reviews for Bronze Bell Repairers, you will find that they all speak very highly of this company. The main comments are about how their workmanship is extremely good and how their employees are friendly and always happy to help wherever they can.

Take a Look at Their Work If You Are Still Not Sure

Us humans are visual beings which means that we feel more assured about a company if we are able to take a quick look at some of their previous projects. Bronze Bell Repairers are more than aware of this fact, which is why they have a page on their website where they upload photos and details about some of their latest and best projects.

So, if you are still not sure about whether you will like the work that they do, feel free to head on over to their site and check out some of the work that they have done. We are certain that the photos will be able to put your mind at rest.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask them, please feel free to drop them an email or give them a call as they are always happy to answer any bell-related questions and pass on their outstanding knowledge whenever they can.