Giant Bells Sound Recorded for a New Slot Machine Jackpot Sound Effect

bell chosen for recording

Bell sounds could make you happy, repel, or cause no emotion depending on your mentality. For most gamblers, the sound effect from the slot machine signifying a win trigger jubilation. If the game maker records a giant chime for a new slot machine as the jackpot sound, it could increase the electric winning atmosphere once installed. So just this morning I had a sound technician armed with sofisticated microphones recording the sounds of bells ringing in my workshop to be used as a sound effect for an upcoming slot machine called Bells Jackpots. He was accompanied by an online casino news outlet journalist from to write about myself and my business and the innovative ways slot games are taking to bring originality to the market.

After the recording session was over the journalist gave me an insight into sound effects in general, so here is what he had to say.

Sound Effects Affect Gamblers Mood

sound effects wave

Sounds by their nature appeal to our sense of hearing and make us act in a certain way. For anyone that gambles for leisure or professionally, the slot machines flashing lights, and sounds affect you whether you know it or not. There is no doubt that sounds contribute to a gamblers’ enjoyment. Research says that the sounds from a slot machine could make your brain believe that you won more money than you actually did. You are also incited by the bell sounds from the slot machine that keeps you gambling.

Moreover, the slot machine’s sounds when you hit the jackpot is different from all the others. That pulsating sound was created to elevate your enjoyment of the moment and let you celebrate to an unbelievable height. Most importantly, it keeps you playing longer than you planned.

Sounds Increase Your Attraction of Gambling

the attraction of sound in slot machines

The bell sound of a slot machine might heighten your desire to play there. Just as you are attracted to and captivated by the melody that comes from the slot machine, it makes you overestimate your chances of winning and to keep playing, hoping that the next one will be a jackpot.

If you examine sounds that motivates you to keep playing even when you are losing, that could be the beginning of a problem instead of a source of joy. In addition, the sounds you hear each time you win some money makes the slot machine more attractive, and large winnings are more emotional and unforgettable.

What Kinds of Sounds Can You Hear from A Slot Machine?

the many sounds of a slot machine

The type of sounds programmed into the machine varies to express what is happening at the time you are playing. There are variations in the bell sounds, even if they are alike when you hear them. The difference could be in their speed, pitch, and length of play. To understand better, check out what Thomas Bell said about his love for bells.

The styles of the sound for bigger wins were recorded with giant bells to express them loudly. In contrast, that of a small victory is distinguished from that of a jackpot. A smaller payout sound can be a brief musical cord that plays once. The sounds that play each time you win can also be more melodious and involve more musical instruments. The result expected by the casino is to make the player joyful. You can sample these jackpot sounds at games found on Microgamings jackpot games which happens to be the company that we are recording these sound effects for.

There are also sound effects for making the exciting moment more satisfying. These types of sounds are added to those you hear during a jackpot to increase the excitement. It can be the sound of people cheering as coins keep pouring out.